We offer the same care we always

have, plus new options! 

Payment is due at the time of service! Thank you! 

Our Services

Things are changing a little bit at Empower.  My goal is to create a warm and welcoming place of connection and healing.  In a world where we have access to just about anything we could want at our fingertips, go-go-go mentality, and pretty much living in a state of constant stress, no wonder people are sicker than ever! The past few years have been a period of transformation in many ways.  One good thing, is we were forced to slow down a little and see that our lifestyles are not supporting our health and vitality.  

Being trained as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and after a decade of hands on care, I have seen over the past few years just how important maintaining your health through lifestyle is.  Just as filling your tank with fuel, charging your cell phone, exercise, or eating, chiropractic wellness care isn't a one time thing.  It is about building a resilient system that can adapt in any situation life throws at you.  

At Empower Chiropractic and Wellness, our goal is to help you cultivate a deeper connection with your mind, body, and Self.

Initial appointment 


 Exam plus treatment. Plan for about an hour.  


So what does a longer appointment look like?

My main goal is to allow you to slow down, get connected back in your body, and get your system working in coherence (=flow + ease). So breathwork, stretching, muscle work, nervous system reset, adjustment, and if necessary, cupping, Graston, or the Deep Tissue Laser.  I encourage you to leave everything at the door when you walk in.  This is meant to be a place where you let your thinking brain turn off, and allow your primal brain (our nervous system) to allow and integrate healing.  

Why Wellness? 

In my opinion, chiropractic is preventive care.  Don't get me wrong, it is great for acute and chronic pain, headaches, sciatic, etc! BUT, we often miss the best part about chiropractic which is accessing the nervous system.  The nervous system automatically controls every system in your body.  You don't need to think about blinking, breathing, or making your heart beat.  That's all controlled by your nervous system.  When things go bad, the nervous system can attack itself, which is any autoimmune disorder, we can get inflammation that is out of control, skin conditions, organ dysfunction, gut dysfunction, degenerative diseases, the list goes on and on. The common thing here, is somewhere along the line, the system is no longer working the way it was perfectly designed, and problems arise. Often in a cascading manner, meaning this problem causes the next thing, etc.  Having regular, consistent care, helps to keep the nervous system functioning at its best, which makes a huge difference in the way you feel in everyday life. The goal is to keep this system in check BEFORE problems arise, which in turn, is preventive care.  

Do you take insurance?

No.  We no longer accept insurance as of Feb 15, 2023.  Insurance was originally intended for the coverage of emergencies and big health issues.  While preventive care has become more mainstream recently, insurance coverage is still not designed to pay for it. By not participating in insurance, I am able to offer some discounts, and packages.  

*Payment is due at the time of service.  Cash or check preferred. We do accept HSA cards and other cards.   

What is this "connection with self" stuff you're talking?
I am a firm believer and have seen it in my own life, when we are fulfilled and happy within ourselves, that transpires out into the world, because it touches everything in our lives.  I want you to live happy and healthy and it starts with having a healthy relationship with your body and self. 

Do I have to come back?

You don't HAVE to do anything, you don't want to do! It's your life, and you are the creator! After many years of hands on care and working with lots of different people, I have noticed some things.  The patients that receive regular, consistent care, generally do not have the debilitating times of pain and major issues.  Pain is often the last indicator to show up. They generally "feel" better. The goal of wellness care, is to maintain a level of health and vitality in life. I hope to encourage you to live a more mindful, healthy, loving, active lifestyle with the ability to do what you actually want to be doing.  Whether that is playing with your kids or grandkids, playing golf, going on a walk out in nature, bowling, whatever you love to do! This isn't meant to be torture to come back! I want this to be a part of your lifestyle, add benefit, and a way to check in with your body often.  

How often should I be seen?

Most commonly, there will be a time at the beginning of care that your body will need some extra support and visits to reach a place of balance. This is where those longer visits come in, to have time to work with the body and get things going in the right direction. If you live in a constant state of stress, your body will need much more support than if we find a place of peace and balance within the body.  Once your body finds that place of balance, that is when we find the sweet spot on how often to maintain.  Depending on lifestyle and stressors, this can look like every 2, 4, 6, or 8 weeks.  

Wellness adjustment or longer appointment time?

The wellness adjustment is a shorter version and without any extras like cupping, graston, laser, etc.  The longer appointments give more time to deepen into problem areas, and more time for your nervous system to rest and acclimate. Think of it sort of like your monthly massage.  It's breathwork, bodywork, mindset, and adjustment wrapped in one. Mind, body, spirit. 

Why don't you have tons of hours available?

I am in a very busy season of life at the moment.  I have a 2 and 4 year old, and I don't want to miss a second of them growing!  Soon enough they will be busy and not want me around as much, just as seasons go.  I also find joy in helping people.  Finding a balance of work, and family has been difficult.  Taking my own advice, right now I am taking on what I am available for.  So that maybe looks like less hours of availability but very focused and full of loving intention while working.  I plan to add days as available, the best place to check is online here. Thank you for understanding :)

Can I schedule out in advance?

YES! Please! Something I would love for my patients to do is, have it in their schedule for several reasons.  1. Make it a priority, for your mind, body, and health.  2. Get the time you want and preferably on a day when stress is low and integration can happen afterward. 3. My schedule right now is not overly accomodating to last second schedules, so booking ahead allows everyone to get what they need and want! 

What to wear?

Preferably, comfortable clothing that can be moved around a bit to get to the shoulder, or knee for instance. A tank top or looser neck tee, and shorts would be great!

Who do you see? 

I see anyone who has the desire.  I see tiny babies, kids, teens, adults, and up! Age doesn't matter. We all have a nervous system.  My touch changes on the patient and what is best.  A light, specific touch has big impact.  

Can I just get an adjustment? 

Yes! If you don't want to do any extras, that's fine! Pick the wellness one!

Wellness Care 

**Please Note we no longer accept insurance!**

15 minute "Wellness" appointment - $55

30 minute "Focus" appointment - $80

50 minute "Power" appointment - $105

*30 and 50 minute appointments include targeted nervous system and muscle work, and any extras like cupping, Graston, or Deep Tissue Laser etc.  

Dr Demi provides Chiropractic Wellness care with a focus on nervous system regulation.

Now offering longer appointment times to add in things like focused muscle work, cupping, instrument assisted muscle work (Graston), Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, taping, etc.  

Our goal is to create a space to let you slow down and tap into our healing potential, because we definitely do not heal when we are stuck in the fight or flight stressed out mode.