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Since our primary focus is on your wellbeing, and preventing further degradation of health, we do not participate as a Provider for Insurance companies.  We know this is out of the norm, but our dedication to do what our patients need is the priority.  We can accept debit, credit, and HSA cards.  We also run monthly deals, so be on the lookout! 

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Our vision at Empower is to get you feeling your best, and then maintain that level of living.  We want you in a pain free place, where you can do what you want to do, and feel good doing it.  Your body is able to easily adapt to any situation, whether physical or from stress.  Our bodies are resilient, and perfectly made.  Sometimes, we just need a little help getting on the right track.  Over the years in practice, we have seen first hand how helpful regular chiropractic, bodywork, and nervous system regulation care keeps people feeling good more often.  Those that receive this care do not have recurring "bad" back/neck/body moments that require days down and months of recovery.  By receiving regular care, they can stay active and do everything they need and want to do. 


Dr. Demi Blair-Sturtevant grew up in Milledgeville and has been practicing for over 11 Years,  9 of those being at Empower.  She loves helping people feel better, and has been interested in holistic health from a young age.  Her skilled hands and years of experience make her an expert at bringing your system back to balance so it can work as it was perfectly designed to.  

  When she isn't at Empower, Dr. Demi is spending time with her husband and kids, and probably outside!  She loves being in nature, hiking, growing a garden, doing DIY projects, and traveling. 


About Us

We believe that chiropractic care is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program. When your body works the way nature intended, your spirit soars--and so do you. We also put a special emphasis on the Nervous System, which is the master control system of your body.  By touching into that, we can help create long term change. We also believe that what you do in daily life matters tremendously.  So when called for, we offer personalized recommendations for stretches and corrective exercises to really get the most benefit from your appointments. 


​We do things a little different around here... We take our time with you (longer appontments), and zero in on what needs worked, strengthened, stretched, and moved.   Our focus is on taking care of you while you're here,  bring awareness of things in your life that may not be helping you,  and ways to help feel great the rest of the time! 

Our Chiropractor

That getting great care, on a consistent basis helps you feel better and stay better, and increases your quality of life. 

That's why at Empower Chiro, we focus on Well-ness care.