A note from Dr. Demi...

Here’s what’s happening at Empower…

 1.  We will no longer accept insurance at Empower Chiropractic
 2.  Dr. Brooke has moved to a clinic closer to home in Freeport.  We will miss her!

The focus at Empower is going to shift to what I find incredibly important and is not the primary focus in the insurance world, which is wellness and preventative care.  Helping my patients live better, in their everyday lives has always been what is most important to me as the practitioner.

Consistency is key for almost any healing modality.  We don’t work out once and have a perfect body, or get a massage once!  The goal is to stay consistently better and get your body to a place where it easily adapts to any stressors in your life.  I’ve been a hands-on practitioner for 10 years now.  One thing I’ve seen over and over is the people that stay consistent with their care, generally do not have the debilitating times of pain and issues.  Chiropractic, which is commonly thought of as mostly pain relief, deals with your spine and skeletal system. More important, is the connection with the brain and nervous system. The nervous system, which is comprised of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, is constantly sending and receiving signals back and forth from the brain, and it regulates every single organ and system in your body.  By touching into that system, there is a huge potential for healing to happen.  But that doesn’t happen when we’re stressed to the max, come in for a quick adjustment and back to the grind.  It just doesn’t work like that. 

So, I’m opening more space that focuses on your nervous system and your healing.  That means longer appointment times available, with the real focus being an overall improvement in the quality of life.  I want you to be fully present while receiving care, not in a million other places.  The focus and intent that is provided, matters. I want to help you feel and live better, by not only adjustments, but more focused nervous system care, options for longer appointment times, and extras* like targeted muscle work, Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, Graston, cupping, calm music, aromatherapy, red light therapy, and most importantly a quiet peaceful place where you are able to relax and heal.

I have created 3 services to choose from for now:

15 minute    adjustment
30 minute   adjustment plus *extras
60 minute   adjustment plus *extras

Thank you for everything, and I wish the best 2023 to all!