December 2023

Dr Demi will be out of the office for approximately 2 weeks beginning 12/7/23 due to having her gallbladder removed.  Hope to be back right after Christmas. Thank you for your patience! 


I wanted to give an update to anyone that may be interested.  It had begun much longer ago, but in July 2023 I started having terrible gallbladder problems.  If you have had issues with yours, you may know how sick and uncomfortable it can make you.  I have had ongoing problems and decline in health since July, and have been out of the office much more than normal due to that.  Finally I am having the gallbladder removed, but will need about 2 weeks of recovery.  I apologize for not being available as much over the past several months, and I SO appreciate your business!  Thank you! 

Here's to hoping next year will be much better!